Bman Fiya Mixtape 12


1 Dark Side by RAW and Dip Vertigo
2 Queen Of The Pack by Bman
3 Feel Me by Supa Ape
4 Gunshot by Superkopter
5 excuse by reen and crease
6 Return of the Junglist by RAW and Six Food Unda
7 Big Man Little Yute by Bman
8 Bag Ah Tingz by Selecta J-Man
9 Xmas Mashup by Socle & Squadex
10 Jerlipy Lipy (FeyDer Remix) by Ragga Twins
11 Lef Dem (feat. Redders) (Enei Remix) by Sam Binga
12 When I Hold You Tonight by Bman
13 Killah Murderah (OG Mix) by Evil Dread


BMAN – Gunfinger Dubplate EP

This is a Dubplate only release !

1. Gunfinger 05:32

2. Bruk Out 05:14

3. Queen Of The Pack 05:22

4. When I Hold U Tonight 05:12

The dubplates are made of real vinyl. This means you can play them as often as you like. Our vinyl plates don’t start to sound ‘bad’ or ‘scratchy’ as acetate records do after being played several times.